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Genres: Action , Comedy , Romance
Actors: Jackie Chan , Joey Wang , Chingmy Yau , Richard Norton , Michael Wong , Gary Daniels , Kumiko Goto , Leon Lai , Mike Abbott , Eric Kot , Vincent La Porte , Peter Lai , Jan Lamb , Lynne Langdon , Mike Leeder
Director: Jing Wong
Country: Hong Kong, Japan
Year: 1993
IMDB Rating: 6.3/10 (4512 votes)

While searching for the daughter of a Japanese publishing magnate, private investigator Ryu Saeba and his assistant Kaori are caught up in the middle of a cruise liner highjacking. It’s up to Ryu to save the day…but can he do it on an empty stomach?

Film Review

Oh my god!I bought ‘City Hunter’ accidentally in a three DVD pack, also containing the brilliant ‘Story of Ricky-Oh’. ‘City Hunter’ is by far the dumbest movie I ever saw. The ‘comedy’ in it is so bad, it almost makes you cry. Hence, you don’t give a flying f**k about the characters and I really didn’t care if one of ’em died or not. The stupid jokes, the bad acting and the absence of a good story take the life out of all the action sequences. One funny scene however: Jackie Chan dressed up as one of the female ‘Mortal Kombat’ fighters, after he fell through an arcade game and is transformed in almost all of the characters, complete with rapid, repeated moves! Overall, this movie is a bore to sit through! Skip it if you can, bring a lot of popcorn if they make you watch it!

No major plot giveaways here.The original Japanese story of Ryo Saeba bears similarities to the American live-action series The Equalizer. A man who formerly made his living working as a mercenary and assassin for a secret government organization leaves his job and turns to helping those in serious trouble who cannot help themselves, to appease his wounded conscience. Except Robert McCall never bragged about his erections. The City Hunter animated series was immensely popular despite using the same formula in every single episode.The City Hunter movie assumes that the viewer already knows something of the animated series. If, for example, you didn’t know that Ryo was agonizingly poor and hungry in the later episodes of the animated series, then several of the food-chasing scenes lose their humour. Same is true of the fact that Ryo will take absolutely any private-eye job that involves spending time with beautiful women, and will refuse any job that doesn’t.Other features from the seri…


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